Coin Collector 5.1.1

Source:Duck Software

Coin Collector is a software application for cataloging and organizing a coin collection. This free application can be learned quickly and is easy to use. There are lots of data fields set up for all of your coins including category, denomination, condition, location, issue date, mint and grade to name a few. Each field can be customized for your personal coin collection requirements. So if you would rather track the Supplier instead of Designer, you can make this change. There are a number of printable reports as well. Some are standard reports that can be quickly printed, however, you can also set up your own custom reports to print just the data you need. The GUI is easy to navigate. Most of the information can be seen and accesses from the main screen. You can browse, search, and sort your coin data. Undo and copy functions are included. A graphic field can be used to input a picture of the coin. There are larger text fields as well where you can record whatever you want such as the history of the coin or a detailed description.

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